Nutrition: Fats 101

Role of Fats Fat is a source of energyFat is the most energy dense macronutrient, and it is also easily stored and transported within the body. The body can store unlimited amounts of fat. Fat forms the primary component of cell membranesCell membranes are partly composed of a specific type of fat called phospholipids. Fat […]

Hacks to keep you Motivated

What Is Motivation? We can say that motivation is the driving force behind the actions and your general willingness to do something. For example, you want some fresh air which drives you to go outside. Or you feel thirsty, which makes you reach out for a bottle of water. Let’s now say you have a […]

Fat Loss by Strength Training

The best way to lose fat is with a proper combination of weight training and cardio along with a balanced diet. The very act of weight lifting can affect fat loss by increasing both the number of calories burned by your body during and long after the workout. Strength training for fat loss does not […]

Healthy Habits

Ideas for Staying on Track  1. Track Your Progress 2. Overcome Roadblocks  3. Reward Yourself

The 7 Step Guide to Healthy Eating

A healthy diet does not have to be complicated, keep it simple and take it step by step. 1. Eat Your Veg Give vegetables a main role on your plate, accompany each portion of protein with a portion of delicious vegetables, after all it is recommended to eat 2-3 cups of veggies per day and […]

Correct Weight Lifting Techniques

Weight lifting as a ritual of strength training is as old as our recorded time. Ancient Egyptians would lift sacks of sand to strength train for hunting and military duties more than 2000 BC. Greek strongmen and athletes would lift stones to develop strength and athletic abilities. Despite the fact that humans have a historical […]