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Aspendale gardens

Aspendale Gardens Gate Shopping Centre
11-33 Narelle Drive,
Aspendale Gardens, Victoria 3195

Nestled in the leafy streets of Melbourne’s bayside is Oslo Health and Fitness’ largest facility yet. Located in the buzzing community of Aspendale Gardens, this beast of a club boasts over 1200 square metres in floor space and has a five-star finish not often found in facilities of this size.

Conveniently situated at the Aspendale Gardens Shopping Centre, there is copious parking and ease of access which streamlines your Oslo experience from the very first moment you arrive.

Oslo Health and Fitness Aspendale Gardens is open 24/7 in order to provide the ultimate flexibility, satisfying all the needs of the modern-day workout warrior. Whether it be hitting new PBs on our brand new equipment, enjoying the view of Aspendale Gardens from our cardio and lounge sections or through joining into one of our many group fitness class options, Oslo Health and Fitness Aspendale Gardens has something to cater for all ages and abilities.

oslo health & fitness classes

Oslo health & Fitness Classes

Headlined by a superstar team of local trainers who create the workouts on a daily basis in-club, no two sessions will ever be the same!

classes tailored to our community

Oslo Health and Fitness Aspendale Gardens is the community’s club, exemplified by our commitment to tailor the perfect group fitness timetable to the specific needs of our members.

a fun way to workout

Our classes, like everything else at Oslo, are designed to be open, fun and welcoming for all ages and fitness levels so that you are always feeling like a thriving member of the team.

attend as many classes as you like

All classes are inclusive of your membership fees and you can attend as many as you please!

Please see below our group fitness timetable to see our current offerings, and remember we are always adding to this based upon the response from our community.

For those of you who love to work hard, ‘HIIT IT!’ is the ultimate high intensity workout designed to make you sweat! This class combines both cardiovascular and strength exercises through intense “on” periods, followed by brief periods of rest. This fun calorie-burner will take your breath away, literally!

This class combines all the fun of boxing with strength exercises, giving you the full package for improving your upper body strength as well as toning up those muscles. It might be an idea to take your coffee cups out of the cupboard and leave them on the benchtop, as lifting your arms above your head after this class just won’t be possible!

A classical approach to group fitness training with an Oslo touch. All that stands between you and home time are unique exercise stations… and lots of them! Complete the circuit by yourself or partner-up with a friend, the choice is yours!

What’s that expression? Do what you love, and you never work a day in your life. The same can be applied when it comes to Zumba, as exercise no longer feels like a chore when it’s so much fun to complete! Follow our instructor as they guide you through the ultimate combination of dancing and exercise, it will feel like a night club (maybe just with less vodka beforehand).

meet our staff

Our Oslo team are here to guide you through your workouts!

1-on-1 personal training

A 1-on-1 personal training session is beneficial for those who are new to our facility, unsure on where to start, would like help with their progression or just need somebody to help push them through their sessions. If you are interested in booking a 1-on-1 personal training session or even a complimentary program to help get you started please let our staff know and we will be able to arrange a time and day with one of our trainers.

Group Fitness classes

Join in on our group fitness classes where our instructors will be with you to guide and push you to your limits in a controlled, fun environment. Our group fitness classes are included with your membership cost and suitable for all fitness levels and ages.

Oslo Fitness Aspendale Gardens

Opening hours

Members can access our facilities 24/7, however below are the hours the gym will be staffed:

Monday, tuesday, thursday

10:00am - 7:00pm


1:00pm - 7:00pm




9:00am - 1:00pm

Sunday & Holidays


For any questions relating to our Club, please give Aspendale Gardens Club Manager, Meg, a call on 0450 523 195 or send us an e-mail at aspendalegardens@my-oslo.com.au


we're always supporting our members

To support our community, our expert team share their knowledge to help you in the pursuit of your goals, every week on Oslo’s Wellness Revolution Blog.

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